Bring AnuPre(Parth Samthaan-Erica Fernandes),Anurag Basu 2.0(Parth Samthaan) to Kasautii reboot

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As a fan of Kasautii Zindagi Kay, we used to feel that the new version is gonna be better than old one. And boy did it happen! Expectation were always high and all the fans those who are watching this epic love saga are relieved and their happiness knew no bounds. As Anurag and Prerna ,the leads Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes did a marvellous job creating AnuPre chemistry alive on screen. Anurag Basu as we all know is the most strongest ML in the history of Indian television. He has been a fierce and powerful warrior when it comes to a woman's insult in his life and he does that with his brilliant tactics. Prerna on the other hand is the most dedicated, romantic yet bold character in this show who always protects her family as well as her love. Everything especially their love confession, friendship blossomed perfectly until the dark storm Komolika interrupted their lives. Right from poisoning Anurag's mom' s sweet delicacies to ruin Prerna's reputation, dangerous acid attacks and inhuman treatment of innocent people to plotting cold blooded murder of the couple's fathers, she has done enough to get back the only thing she wanted in her life-Anurag. This has destroyed AnuPre's life and turned it into hell. But Prerna won't stay quiet so she donned her bold avatar and blasted into her husband's house, thus revealing her strong revelation about their marriage in front of everyone. Ekta Kapoor ma'am has done a brilliant job bringing the old love saga back to life.. brought Anurag,Prerna and ofc AnuPre back to life...but all of sudden she has made Prerna stronger and Anurag weak..seems like makers are interested in ladies winning not boys...Kasautii is the epic love story and fierce battle between love and evil...not about hatred, betrayal and is the story of Anurag and Prerna not about glorifying vamp..We are signing a petition for the above reasons stated.. for all parthians,ejfians,everyone who respect the leads and Kasautii,plz we need ur support..We request Ekta ma'am, Star Plus and everyone who is part of this show to do the following:

1. Bring Back our strong,fiery,passionate lover,smart,sassy Anurag Basu who used to protect Prerna and other ladies from evil and fulfilling all his promises instead of standing like a statue when lady fights continue in his house, constant pushing away of his love and looking weak and helpless.

2. Bring mutual trust and confidence between Anurag and Prerna...clear misunderstandings between them and reunite them happily in their marriage.

3. Bring back the whole truth about Komo's dirty conspiracy of murdering Onu's dad and Pre's father and Onu's sacrifice in front of Prerna and whole family..Make Prerna stronger when she comes to know the truth and joins hands with Anurag to fight the evil Komolika and get justice to their fathers..instead of hating him for no reason and wasting time avenging Komo only...

4. Bring back Moloy Basu out of coma..Anurag Basu really needs him cz his father is the pillar of strength for him and no one except Anupam could understand his problems..Just like Prerna and her whole family fought together, plz unite Anurag and his father in this battle..

5. Utilise Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes's chemistry and talent properly and develop their characters strongly not weakly in order to prove that kasautii is the real epic love saga between Anurag and Prerna not about glorifying the vamp and portraying the female lead as strong and male lead as weak

I request u guys to please sign this petition and spread this to everyone who respects the leads and of course Kasautii. We really need ur support and make them win it.

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