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Swap Plastic For Compostable Coffee Lids

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According to its website, "Starbucks beverages account for approximately 4 billion cups globally each year." Starbucks is working hard to increase and promote recycling of its disposable products, but not all cities or even landlords of buildings housing Starbucks' storefronts do their part in recycling.  (  Plastic coffee lids, recyclable in some areas and not in others, end up in landfills far too often, where some say they take up to 80 years to decompose.  With an assumed 4 billion lids corresponding with the 4 billion cups, this is a lot of plastic generated from just one of many companies providing disposable coffee cup lids worldwide.

Given Starbucks' clear and noble commitment to the environment and the challenges it is facing in implementing global, wide-scale recycling of its products, one easy solution would be swapping plastic lids for compostable lids.  Amy's Drive Thru in California utilizes compostable lids successfully, as one example.  Compostable lids take less natural resources to produce, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process alone.  Further, it could result in a valuable marketing tool for Starbucks to further differentiate itself in the marketplace, by making itself all the more committed to the environment and to the generations of coffee drinkers to come as the effects of climate change become manifest and as we get closer to pieces of plastic outnumbering living creatures in our oceans.  

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