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Stop the "Vegan Tax"

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There have been multiple times in which I found myself questioning why some things happen, why are things the way they are and who decides if they need to change. There's much in this world which I won't be able to effect any change on, but this one thing, I believe it's within my range, and yours too if you can relate. 

Some things would require little to no effort to change, yet they stay a certain way because no one has done anything about them, that doesn't mean they cannot improve or that there is no general benefit to their changing. 

We have all been often frustrated in life. Personally, I see injustice and I want to change it, end it. I went vegan at 16, in an effort to end the cruelty I saw as needless. Today after 2 decades I see people embracing this world view, it gives me hope to see it grow and see our consciousness expand towards new horizons.

My petition is simple: I want to keep things moving towards a more sustainable world, and I want to start small. I believe the concept of taxing vegan people is a hurdle that need not be present, especially after so many passionate individuals have gone great lengths to show how veganism is a positive force, one which fosters compassion, selflessness and awareness of our environment. That is the world most of us want to create, whether we have good and bad tendencies which we juggle, we have been moving in this direction for the last few centuries.

I have written Starbucks a couple times over the years to ask them to stop charging extra for soy milk, questioning why "milk based" products like lattes charge extra for a dairy free alternative when the cost of cow's milk (of which there are multiple alternatives at no extra cost) is factored into the final price, expressing how I do not wish to pay for that milk and the milk I need on top of that. I choose not to support that industry, at least as much as I can, and I have gotten nothing but generic/ready made responses or just evasive emails like this:

"Thank you for getting back in touch with us.

Starbucks is committed to offering options for all of our valued customers; for this reason all of our retail locations offer soy milk. However, because of the higher cost of purchasing and stocking this product, we do charge an additional fee for the substitution of soy milk.  

Starbucks greatly values customer feedback, so we have shared your concerns about this decision with specialists in our Retail Operations department for their attention.
If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Felicia E

customer service"

This email fails to address the logic behind my petition to stop charging extra for non dairy milk. I understand that Starbucks would not willingly surrender the extra profit which comes from non dairy alternatives, which have become so popular due to more and more people finding a personal benefit to them, and I do thank them for being the first major coffee shop to offer them, but where does it end? by now all the dairy free alternatives should have been assimilated, the same way other types of dairy (non fat, half and half, etc) options have been assimilated into their costs, to reflect what we pay.

I am not asking for a discount, I just don't think it is fair to pay twice for something, which quite honestly, deserves a discount on principle. We do receive a discount for bringing our own cup/not using a disposable one, doesn't it follow that more sustainable milk alternatives should also warrant similar consideration?

What I seek is to end a trend where people are "taxed" for choosing more sustainable options, where doing the right thing is met with resistance and often discouraged. I understand that businesses need to make money, but I hardly doubt that is the issue when we talk about things on a scale of this kind.

Thank you for your time and I hope you consider signing the petition.


-Sal Fuentes








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