Starbucks: Profiting off of Pride while ignoring Black Lives Matter is unconscionable.

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Starbucks has always been dedicated to uplifting the community and helping everyone find a safe space in our stores. We are OUTRAGED and DISGUSTED at the weak and cowardly decision to refuse to allow partners to wear or display Black Lives Matters pins right now—it is not a political stance. It is solidarity with our community. By staying neutral, Starbucks is siding with white supremacy and the racist systems in which Black people are brutally murdered in broad daylight, on camera, by people who are sworn to protect the community, and the murderers do not face any consequences for their actions. Starbucks should not profit off of Pride merchandise this year without acknowledging that we are able to celebrate Pride because of the actions of Black Trans women! The first Pride (the Stonewall riot) was a RIOT, and it paved the way for the rights and laws that allow queer people the social visibility that we have now. Starbucks is being hypocritical and actively harmful by profiting off of Pride and not allowing partners to show their support for the Black Lives Matter mouvement. It is Starbucks’ responsibility to acknowledge the history of Pride if you intend to profit off of it. It is Starbucks’ responsibility “to inspire and nurture the human spirit -- one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time” and that means FINALLY standing together to support the Black community as they fight for their right to live in a world that is set up for them to fail. Please, Starbucks, do better.