Starbucks Global Plastic Initiative

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Starbucks is the leading coffee chain worldwide! Rightfully so, they serve delicious coffee, pastries, and their ever-expanding brand is recognized on every continent with over 28,000 stores and counting...

With that said, the endless plastic pollution situation endangering our land, rivers, and oceans continues and has only called for few countries to lead the force by eliminating the use of plastics completely.

Starbucks promotes reusable coffee cups, invests millions into research & development for sustainability, and also made a commitment to “Double the recycled content, the recyclability, and the reusability of our cup by 2022.” 

Even so, “600 billion paper and plastic cups are distributed globally”, and since legislation has intervened in the US namely on local levels we should challenge large companies such as Starbucks to accelerate change on a GLOBAL SCALE and at the very least offer RECYCLING BINS in every store for all their one-time use plastics, and move towards plastic alternatives sooner than 2022! That’s 4 years from now! 

We all share the responsibility to protect our environment. Sign this petition to impact change and call for Starbucks Corp. to eliminate one-time use plastics by November 3, 2020.