Save Roy St Coffee & Tea

Roy St Coffee and Tea is an instution in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. I’ve been going regularly to this store since 2014 and is by fare my favorite coffee shop for the athmospher and super chill/friendly staff. This store is owned by Starbucks who made the decision to close it. I can’t imagine this store is loosing money given the success, so Starbucks is closing it for no apparent reason than just because it is not branded Starbucks. While I understand the need for a brand image and consistency for a corporation, I also want to emphasize the importance of cultivating a community feeling especially for a coffee shop. Closing this store will make me erode the trust and confidence that I put on Starbucks that was demonstrated by the company through multiple employee initiatives and PR. Please DO NOT CLOSE THIS STORE.

Shan Muhunthan, Mercer Island, WA, United States
3 years ago
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