Promote Reusables, Starbucks!

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I have been a big fan of Starbucks coffee for a number of years. I currently work part-time for my city in CO. Starting and maintaining a volunteer program for our community’s recycling center is part of my job. Every other month we meet for a “coffee catch-up” for updates and planning. If I suggest Starbucks for our meeting, my volunteers discourage that and mention their concerns about sustainability issues with your company.

Recently I contacted your 800 number and spoke to a very well-informed and helpful employee. I told him the above story and made two suggestions that I hope your company will consider that I’ll list here:

I always bring a reusable container (that I purchased at Starbucks ;) when I visit Starbucks and receive .10 cents off my purchase.  I realize that after 30 – 40 visits, one could say that I’ve earned a “free drink.” I notice most people don’t bring their own containers but I believe more would if this “realization” was emphasized. For example, you could create a permanent “stardash” that is: “Earn a free drink after X-many visits with your reusable cup!” I’m sure you could track those numbers as you do all other stardashes.

A local coffee shop near the Starbucks I frequent charges patrons for the next size down when they bring reusables. My volunteers usually vote to go there.  Would Starbucks consider doing that…even if on an occasional basis?