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Starbucks: Please discontinue sales of Naked Juice in your stores.

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The advertising on Naked Juice bottles says the company "doesn’t use ingredients produced using biotechnology as a matter of principle." However, at least four different lawsuits have been filed against Naked Juice for mislabeling their products as non-GMO and "All Natural" while they have knowingly used synthetic and GMO ingredients in their juices. Additionally, their parent company, PepsiCo, spent over 1.7 million dollars to oppose GMO labeling in California.

Being that Starbucks is a nation-wide retailer of Naked Juice, we know that Naked counts on them for a huge portion of their sales.  As customers we need to know that we can trust that products are labeled honestly and that the companies who produce them operate with integrity.  As consumers we have the opportunity to make a huge impact on Naked Juice by urging Starbucks to discontinue sales of this product.  Essentially, if Starbucks is selling products that sell lies, then they are selling lies. We hope that this is not what Starbucks intends to stand for and urge you to hold them accountable by insisting that all products sold in their store adhere to the Social Responsibility Standards for Manufactured Goods and Services that they have described in their company literature.  In short, sign this petition to urge Starbucks to boycott Naked Juice, their false labeling, and their campaign to prevent GMO labeling.

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