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Make the provision of mugs compulsory when sitting-in for coffee (rather than paper cups)

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The careless use of disposable coffee cups is wreaking havoc on the climate and the natural world. 

  • Cups are not made of recycled materials, new trees must constantly be cut down to make them. About 20 million trees per year.
  • Deforestation contributes to climate change and biodiversity loss.
  • Cups are non-recyclable, they end up in large swarms in landfill. About 58 billion new paper cups end up in landfill each year.
  • Furthermore they release greenhouse gases as they decompose, contributing to climate chaos.
  • Amount of water used in the process is approximately 12 billion gallons
  • Each cup manufactured releases 1/4 pound of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Think of the billions of cups that are produced worldwide. That is a lot of CO2 for just one consumer good.

That's a lot of frightening stuff to take in, but the good news is that there is a really easy solution.
Making mugs sexy again! Whether its the classic ceramic or a trendy keepcup, you should always be drinking your hot beverage in a vessel that can be used again!

Recently some coffee shops have been ditching their mugs altogether and giving out these paper-fiends to people sitting instore to have their drink! This is an extremely careless, lazy and unnecessary practice.

We propose a policy that ensures customers ordering-in are not obliged to damage the environment along with their no-milk, two-sugar refreshment.

Every coffee shop must provide ceramic mugs. And every barista will be required to ask whether you will be sitting-in. If you are, they must give you your drink in a reusable vessel.

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