Make abortion in Poland fully legal! Give woman a choice! ⚡️

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For years now woman in Poland have been struggling with woman right regarding abortion. Right now woman in Poland can’t have an abortion unless, the woman or child is in danger during birth. Or if the woman has been raped and there’s proof for. Or if the child might come out extremely ill. Woman in Poland deserve a personal choice. They deserve to chose if they want to give birth and have a child. If they don’t receive this choice the already corrupted foster system and orphanages will receive even more children. More children will be in danger, abused, and not revive the care they deserve. Woman that don’t have the resources to take care of a child (such as money, a house, a job etc.) will NOT be able to provide a future for a child that every child deserves. There most definitely should be a limited amount of time a woman has to make the decision to abort or not to. But please support this cause because woman deserves a choice and children deserve a fruitful feature.