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Starbucks: Extend paid parental leave policy to ALL employees

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I was a barista at Starbucks a little over a year ago when my kids were small. Overall it was a great place to work, with nice regulars and a hardworking manager who’s a dad like me. So I was really surprised when I saw the announcement about their new parental leave policy.

At first it sounds great: new parents in their corporate office will be getting some of the most generous paid leave in the industry -- at least 12 weeks of fully paid time off - which is the way it should be.  But employees like baristas will be getting much less: barista moms are getting less than half of what corporate moms get, and for barista dads like I was or adoptive parents? Nothing. Not a single day of paid parental leave for those hard working, and deserving parents.

When I worked there, I felt like Starbucks worked hard to take care of their employees and overall, is a progressive company. Giving all new parents the same amount of leave whether they’re in the stores or the corporate office should be a no-brainer. It’s something you’d expect a company like Starbucks to just do automatically. For me, a working dad, it’s an obvious choice.

But sometimes a large corporation needs a little nudge to get their attention, and maybe dads who work there now don’t always feel like they can speak up for what they, and their children, deserve. That’s why I’m asking Starbucks to change their policy to be equal for ALL employees before the new policy kicks in on Oct 1. The folks who make the coffee should have the same parental leave as the executives in the corporate office.

Join me in asking Starbucks to do better for all of their employees, including their baristas!


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