Demand an End to Discriminatory Practices at Starbucks!

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Starbucks does not keep an accurate count of their complaints. It's therefore necessary that we add our names to this petition to be documented, counted and heard.

On March 15, 2018 a racist Starbucks Store Manager in Seattle, lied to the police in order to have a mentally handicapped black customer removed from the store. The company has shown a pattern of such behavior, as we have recently seen in Philadelphia. The company's subsequent inaction to correct their wrong doing in Seattle set precedent for the event that was caught on camera in Philadelphia, where two black men were arrested for sitting inside the store.

Starbucks needs to stop protecting their racist employees and hiding from community responsibility. Personal meetings followed by inaction is meaningless. Simply relocating discriminatory staff out of neighborhoods where they would be recognized endorses the behavior and betrays the community. 

We want tangible action!

I. CEO Kevin Johnson, clean up the mess in your own backyard if you want to have an ounce of credibility or sincerity in Philadelphia!   

II. Terminate the store managers involved with the Seattle and Philadelphia incidents immediately.  COMPLETED DUE TO PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY.

III. Pursue charges against store managers for falsifying police reports.

IV. Immediately carry out additional company-wide anti-racism, implicit bias training with community input on design and implementation. IN PROCESS DUE TO PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY. 

V. Reverse any trespass action or admonishment against individuals discriminated against in Seattle and Philadelphia.

VI. Make things right with with the individuals targeted in both of these incidents- in whatever way Starbucks does that. 

VII. With community input, develop policies regarding when to call/involve local police. Disseminate this information company-wide in the the 45 days.  



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