Remove Benioff and Weiss from Star Wars

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 It has arrived! Winter has come, and the great battle for Kings Landing is now. And it’s terribly disappointing isn’t it? Benioff and Weiss have shown how incompetent they are when they have no material to write from. They have, in a single season, managed to ruin a decades worth of fandom. 

 They should not be allowed to do it to another franchise. A franchise that has had a diehard audience for nearly 40 years. Star Wars does not need, want, or deserve the lackluster performance that will happen should these two “artists” be in charge. 

 Do you want character arcs built up over years, to be suddenly, drastically, and fatally ended in a 5 minute tantrum? Do you want “artistic” movies that are so dark you’ll sit in a movie theater with your cell phone light on so you can see the action? Do you want a Jedi who fights for freedom and hope for 2 movies to suddenly become a Sith Lord with no warning and because his pet droid short circuited? No? Me neither!

Raise your lightsabers with me and tell Disney we don’t want them for Star Wars!