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Show The World Star Wars Fan Boys Are More Than Cry Babies

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On December 15th, 2017, Star Wars fans were treated to something that ten years ago we never thought or dreamed would happen: We got to sit down and watch "Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi." Never did we expect we'd ever get new films. But that changed in 2012 with the purchase of LucasFilm by Disney.

After this last film was released, which has raked in over a BILLION dollars, by the way, certain fans began crying and moaning that it wasn't THEIR Star Wars. I, personally, am all for everyone's voices to be heard. But what happened with "The Last Jedi" backlash was embarrassing to Star Wars fans the world over who truly enjoyed the film.

Not only are they giving Star Wars fans a bad name, they are making us out to be whiny and self-entitled. I don't hope to actually change anything with this petition. I am not trying to silence anyone. I simply would like to show the world, as well as a minority of butt-hurt "fans" that the entire fan base is not this way. Not all of us are tearing our clothes and screaming at the sky #NotMySkywalker. If you enjoyed the film, please, make your mark below. Even if you did NOT enjoy the film, let the world know this fan base isn't just a bunch of self-entitled babies upset because our theories were wrong. Thank you for your time, and May The Force Be With You.

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