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Star Stable Online - Less updates and more quality content and story quests

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We, the higher level players of Star Stable Online wish to voice our request and suggestion to the Star Stable Enterntainment AB.
We ask for getting less updates with more quality content and additions to the excisting unfinished storylines. We have waited new story quests with soulriders from the Christmas of 2015 to this day and it's a really long time to waited for the main aspect in the game. SSO is a MMORPG about a story of horses and a girl with magical powers who is meant to save the island of Jorvik from the evil forces of Dark Core and a company called GED. Instead of saving and helping to fight against the dark forces we have now been cleaning dishes, cleaning after birds and being an errand boy to the citizens.
We have a deep love and passion for this game and for its unique story, and due to that we wish for the true potentional of the game to continue.

More additions to the excisting storyline, less filler quests.
We have a lot of already excisting storylines in the game but they have been left unfinished for years, and instead of getting additions to those storylines we get small quests that are irrelevant to the plot and don't progress the game or storylines. These quests mostly last 5 minutes or max 2 days. Because of this many older and maxed level players are starting to get bored with the game, some of us have had to make new accounts for having something to do in the game or because we are starting to forget the unfinished storylines. When new area opens in the game we get new storylines eventhough we have already plenty of unfinished ones. There's too many storylines going on at the same time and it would be better if at least some of them would be finished before getting new ones.The excisting content in the game can be played through in a month if not going to do the blue reputation quests, and in a 4 months if all the reputations are maxed. The game is almost 6-years old, and only about 1 or 2 months have passed in the actual gameplay, that's not much considering the time some players have waited for the game to progress. Not all the players have the time or will to wait for the main quests for years. Year and two is a long time and a lot can happen in that time. Our passion for the game and the plot is the reason why so many of us have stayed waiting the story to continue, if this would be another game many of the waiting maxed lvl players would give up on waiting and move on to another games.

SSO has told us many times that even making those little filler quests takes months to do, and without making them they could be using that time to finish or continue the excisting storylines. We don't need new storylines when there's so much old ones waiting to be finished.
There has also been many bugs and sloppily made dialogues in the updates lately, and it seems like the team is trying to give us new unnecessary content as fast as they can so nobody proofreads or checks the dialogues and coding.

Quality over quantity, less updates with more meaningful content.
The game would benefit from not having weekly updates as then there wouldn't be the need to close the servers for hours every week because of updating. It takes the teams time and creates confusion in the new players. We don't need new stuff every week, nor do we need new updates every week. Many of the players would probably be even more excited with upcoming content when the updates would be just monthly with more important content, like additions to the excisting storylines, new horses and equipment. And it would be only positive if some of the updates would just contain fixed bugs and maintenance. Quality is more important than quantity. When there would be updates once in a month or two the SSO team would have more time to concentrate on the actual excisting storylines and to make sure that the content is professional with as few bugs and errors as possible.


Thank you for your time and participation.



In Silverglade:
Mr. Kembell and GED in Silverglade

In Harvest Counties:
The lost mayor of Jarlaheim - Jarlaheim
Why are people of Jarlaheim so scared of the Devil's gap? - Jarlaheim
Ricky's jor-jitsu and the fait of the NHC stables - Epona, New Hillcrest
Buttergoods - Epona, Crescent moon village
Mrs. X and GED (the quests with Herman) - Epona, Crescent moon village

In Southoof/ JC:
Madison and the wild ponies - South Hoof Peninsula [Completed 2018]

In The Valley Of The Hidden Dinosaur:
The Kallters - Dino Valley
Nic Stoneground - Dino Valley

The Main Story:
The soulrider quests


Golden Hills Valley - The Old King's Road
Northlink - The Nortlink valley (possibly a part of the same area as the Old King's Road)

The Valley of The Hidden Dinosaur - Ashland
The Valley of The Hidden Dinosaur - Secret passage behind Nic's camp (possibly a part of the same area as the Old King's Road)
The Valley of The Dinosaur - Icendell

Jarlaheim - Devil's Gap
New Hillcrest - Fort Maria

Do we really need new areas and storylines when there's this many already excisting and waiting to be completed?



  • 29th of March 2017 - The quests with the ill man in a bunker got follow-ups and the story is now finished.
  • 19th of April 2017 - Follow-ups to the Soulrider storyline, but yet again those quests took 2 days to be played through. Will we have to wait 1-1,5 years again for them to continue?
  • 26th of July 2017 - Follow-ups to the Soulrider storyline after 3 months! This is promising and hopefully means that SSO has read our feedback and we will get more mainstory quests per year!
  • 9th of August 2017 - Follow-ups to the Soulrider quests! This year has brought us many soulrider quests already so hopefully this is going to last. Pandoria is opening today and we are finally going to find the fourth soulrider Anne.
  • 18th of October 2017 - Follow-ups to the Soulrider quests! Can we finally say that the petition is halfly succeeded and SSO has listened our feedback about the soulrider quests? It feels so!
  • 7th of March 2018 - Finally we get follow-ups to Mrs. X questline and get to save Herman!
  • 2018 - Madison and the wild horses quest line is finished!
    - Kallters' questline changed and old quests about it were erased so it probably means that Dino valley and the storyline about the Kallters is going to be updated and changed.
    - Soulrider quests are continuing more often!
    - We got a new questline with Hugh at the Southoof peninsula
    - Older areas are being updated, e can officially say that this petition has succeeded!

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