Stop star magazine publishing photos that could promote eating disorders

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For the longest time and even as I was a young teenager we women have been scrutinsed for the way we look. We are too thin, too fat, we dont have the right body shape, are breasts are too big or too small. We dont have the right shape bums, they arent round enough, they are too big. Cellulite is disgusting. I mean look we could be here all day.

Can we just celebrate bodies because we only have one and it’s what inside that matters, can we change the way we see beauty?

Star Magazine recently put on the front page of their newspaper 42 best and worst bodies. 

Who gets to determine what is best and worst about another human beings body?

And just because they are celebrities does it make it acceptable? These women are human beings they shouldn’t be humiliated in such a manner.

It’s unacceptable behaviour and just think about the young impressional women who might be vulnerable or have an eating disorder that might see these “perfect” bodies and think to themselves yes I would love to have that body I would do anything, including bullimia/anorexia

What about the women who are carrying weight on their bodies, how would that make them feel to know that they are unworthy that there body cannot be accepted on a beach because of what it look looks like. 

I am sorry but this vile behaviour has gone on for way too long, it cannot and will not be tolerated anymore. 

Women shouldn’t be shamed! 

No “body” should be shamed 

I am urging the owner of this magazine to find some morals, decency, integrity because quite frankly if making money comes before treating humans with respect, and I can speak for every woman I know this is unacceptable and we deserve better and the next generation of women deserve better