Make voting results for BiggBoss Telugu season 2 public

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BiggBoss is a reality show which gained huge popularity among telugu households. The show requests voting from people to keep their favourite contestant inside the house. This week Nutan Naidu who according to many open sites, is eliminated. The viewers are in shock as this is completely in contrast with their expectations. We all understand this is a game show but however it plays with the feelings of the people and some activities and rules are borderline inhumane. In such situations viewers are completely involved in the show and wish their contestants to be ‘saved’. Also there is no reason why the poll results shouldn’t be made public as they are supposed to be transparent. Otherwise it would amount to cheating the public. If they want to keep it secret, we understand it is fine and let them be fair to people and declare that they won’t consider the people’s votes. This will save thousands of man hours and personal agony.