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Staples: Stop hurting students! Don’t raise prices on teachers!

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Staples, your new policy to limit the number of back to school supplies teachers can purchase at a discount will hurt teachers and students.

The majority of teachers buy supplies for our classrooms using our own money. The Extreme Deals discount program allowed us to provide our students with the necessary supplies that many would not be able to afford on their own. 

The supplies we need for our classes will suddenly cost teachers hundreds of dollars -- which we just can't afford.

Last year if I wanted to buy 25 packages of loose leaf binder paper for my class it would have cost around $2.50. This year, the same purchase would cost approximately $40!

Our schools continue to face significant budget cuts in communities throughout the country. Teachers are faced with the tough decision of either paying for school supplies on our own, or letting our students go without basic supplies like pencils, paper, crayons, and glue. 

Leaving our students without supplies is not an option, so we spend our own hard-earned money on back to school supplies so we can teach and so students can learn. 

Staples’ revised Extreme Deals discount program will make it impossible for many of us to afford the supplies our students need. 

Staples, please don’t give up on teachers! We need you to continue to help us by providing the Extreme Deals discount at the time of purchase. Anything else will just hurt students.

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