Grant planning permission for the extension of Stanton Surgery

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Nicholas Redman
Nicholas Redman signed this petition

Stanton Surgery recently applied for planning permission to replace their Portakabin with a permanent extension. 

Unbeknownst to the practice, representatives of Stanton Parish Council, our Borough Councillor and our County Councillor attended the planning committee meeting at which the application was discussed on 5th August 2020, and spoke in opposition to the application, which was then refused. 

The temporary planning permission which was awarded for the Portakabin expires in October 2020. Loss of the Portakabin with no replacement will have a devastating effect on the provision of healthcare for local people. At worst, the practice will have to close its list to new patient registrations, de-register around 1,500 patients and reduce clinician numbers accordingly. This situation needs to be prevented at all costs. The practice has secured NHS funding for the extension following a prolonged application process. However, if this funding is not used by the end of March 2021 it will be lost to the practice permanently. Hence there is an urgent need to get the practice's planning application approved. The application returns to the planning committee for reconsideration at the end of September 2020.