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Help prevent the Honolulu City Council from raising parking fees at our parks and beaches.

Letter to
Honolulu City Council Stanley Chang
Honolulu City Council Romy Cachola
Honolulu City Council Ikaika Anderson
and 2 others
Honolulu City Council Budget Committee Chair Ann Kobayashi
Representative Tulsi Gabbard
I have signed this petition to ask you and the Honolulu City Council Budget Committee to stop Bill 30 CD1. This bill will dramatically increase parking rates and remove free parking areas at Kapiolani Park, Aala Park, and potentially Ala Moana Park, Ala Wai Neighborhood Park, and all parks and recreation areas throughout Oahu. The plan to raise parking rates to $1 per hour, 24 hours per day and 365 days per year will greatly limit public access to our parks and beaches.

Consider for a moment the cost to you, your family and friends every time you use a city park and recreation area throughout the year. Now consider the potential cost to those on a fixed budget. Swimming, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, soccer, fishing, luaus, community group meetings, birthday parties, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, archery, tai chi, yoga, walking, running or just relaxing in our parks and beaches will cost serious money if you pass this bill.

It is wrong to make it more expensive to use parks and beaches at a time when we are all encouraged to do more physical activity to reduce obesity, stress, and high health care costs. It is wrong to make it more difficult to use these recreation areas when many among us are already having a tough time in this recession. The parks and beaches are for all of us to use regardless of our ability to pay parking charges and passage of Bill 30 CD1 will affect us all. I urge the council to do whatever it can to increase the use of recreational areas and not create barriers to use. We pay for and support parks and beaches through our taxes and it is wrong to generate additional city income at the cost of limiting access.

Please take the lead in ensuring access for all people to our parks and beaches. Stop Bill 30 CD 1 now.


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