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Improve Parking at the Stanford Dish

The Stanford Dish ( is a popular recreation spot for people in the Stanford community as well as with the broader local population. Over 600,000 people use the trail each year for walking, running, and general recreation (source: We are lucky that Stanford allows access to this beautiful spot, but the parking situation needs improvement.

Parking is only allowed on Stanford Ave. The shoulder itself is disintegrating, and cars have to park parallel due to numerous signs. Cars who park at any sort of angle are ticketed quickly. The should should be re-paved, and parking spots could be painted at an angle so that more cars fit in the same area. U-turns are also explicitly outlawed, but many people do them anyway because of the shortage of parking. Angled parking, or allowing parking on Junipero Serra Blvd would alleviate this situation. The parking at another entrance on Alpine Road is similarly difficult. Addressing these issues will let people drive less to find adequate parking, reducing traffic, improving pedestrian safety, and saving gas/emissions.

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