Helping Antonio Milane get disability accommodations at Stanford

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Update - We Won!!!!

Stanford has committed to providing me a scribe for my homework and assignments outside the classroom. There are still a few caveats to work through, such as they are unwilling to offer me a scribe for extracurricular activities during my four years of college; nevertheless, we won!!! Through your combined efforts, you were able to fight against injustice and change my life forever. Thank you :)

Next plans of action:
My story is one of the numerous that displays the discrimination that disabled individuals face in the educational world. Students across the country reject their dreams as ableist policies deny them the accommodations they are entitled to. I applied to fourteen schools, and only two were open to the idea of accommodating me for a scribe. Every Ivy League and UC I spoke to rejected my need for a scribe under the pretense that it was too costly or not applicable for a student who can not write. This is simply absurd and needs to change. Moving forward, I’m going to commit my life to ensure that these schools are held accountable for their discriminatory policies. I hope that in future battles against ableism, you will lend me your support once again to prove that financial incentives should never overcast humanistic values.

1 month ago