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Stanford University Admissions Office: Consider Restoring Jewel Essien's Admission to Stanford

There are more mobile devices in the US than there are people. Cell phones are the communication device of choice in the 21st century. They're ubiquitous, a facet of modern life.
Jewel's admission to Stanford was deferred after being caught with a phone at her school, as they are banned on her high school campus. But that's an offense that deserves a lesser punishment than the retraction of her dream. Jewel deserves to go to Stanford. She showed it when she was admitted to the most selective university in the world. She is showing it now with her grace and strength after losing her admission. We want the Admissions office to reconsider taking that away. While she can still apply next year, if she can regain her admitted status this year, we believe she is a worthy person to prove to Stanford that she really dserves to be there.

That grace and strength might just make a big difference one day, and a Stanford education will give her the tools to do so. Jewel was admitted to Stanford. Don't take that away because of a phone.

Letter to
Stanford Admissions Office
Dean of Admissions Richard Shaw
Assistant Dean of Admission Debra von Bargen
It's not about falling. It's about getting back up. Jewel made a mistake, but it was a mistake that in any other school would be completely normal. She deserves a chance, and her grace and strength after learning she wouldn't be allowed to attend Stanford this year just shows her capacity for goodness. She might make a big difference in the world, and Stanford can give her the tools to achieve great things. Let's give her that chance.
To Stanford Admissions: please reconsider, because we believe Jewel Essien deserves to attend Stanford.

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