Stanford, Hold Chaze Vinci Accountable!


Stanford, Hold Chaze Vinci Accountable!

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Trigger Warnnig: Anti-Blackness, Racism, Homophobia, Biblical Superiority 

On August 28, 2021, another attack against African American students were made by Chaze Vinci. 

Chaze Vinci (class of ‘23, affiliated with Stanford College Republicans, and an Undergrad Fellow @ Stanford Law) uploaded a series of racist and homophobic posts to his Instagram Story. He cited the Bible to justify the enslavement of Black people, along with calling to “eradicate” Black ASSU members. He posted this alongside racist caricatures of black people (exaggerated noses, lips, skin color), gorillas, and drawings of slaves in bondage. He posted information about the relationship between two Black students Christian Giadolor, (‘21, Student Body President, ASSU) and Michael Brown with the intent to invite gossip and create a platform for homophobia on his account. He pushed to “desegregate” and “abolish” Ujamaa housing, raising particular concerns for students planning to move there in September. In a following post, he displayed a pie-chart showing the racial demographics of Stanford, highlighting that Black and African American students only make up 6.9% of the student body, saying “It’s time the majority started running things, don’t you think?” He also took to Twitter to repeat much of what he said on Instagram.

A tweet shows him threatening David Palumbo-Liu (Professor and Director of Comparative Literature @ Stanford) with crudely drawn images of him next to a guillotine — including red marks, presumably blood. He called for God to “execute swift judgement” which many interpreted as a death threat. He has created an unsafe environment for Black students, gay students, and those planning to dorm in Ujamaa. He disrupts the learning environment and threatens Stanford values. (description taken from the AOI assistance form)

Here is a link to his recent posts (Trigger Warning):

Unfortunately this is not the first time this student has been seen as a danger towards the Stanford community. Chaze Vinci has harrassed a Muslim classmate due to their faith, been arrested on a second degree burglary charge, has been arrested for reckless driving/DUI, and has been arrested for throwing lighter fluid on someone. 

How can Stanford promote a safe and diverse space for African American and minority students and still allow Chaze Vinci to walk on campus? How can Stanford's mission be to support the education of future leaders when those leaders fear the very campus they are told to live on? How can Stanford value ethics when they only know how to remain silent? 


August 30, 2021: Chaze has now continued to threaten women, BLM "sympathizers", and has posted Islamophobic stories on his Instagram/Twitter. Additionally he has posted about Brock Turner, a Stanford student who raped and assaulted an unconscious female and has said that Stanford and JKCF will not let go of him. Just a reminder for those who have not seen his Instagram posts, they are not just words but violent images that he depicts.  Chaze also posted an Instagram video saying that he will "see us in the fall" and that "one white man can sure do a lot of damage". The Black Community is terrified and feels unsafe entering campus in just two weeks. 

Additionally, many are spreading the word that Chaze might be experiencing a manic episode. Please do not associate Chaze's racism and violent actions with having a manic episode, those two are separate. Mental health conditions do not cause racism and violence, Chaze was already racist and violent. While the Black Community hopes that Chaze gets the help that he needs, we also want him to get the consequences that he deserves. 

Stanford is aware of Chaze (confirmed by president). LEDA is aware of Chaze (confirmed through LEDA instagram). 

When will Stanford, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and LEDA take action? 


This petition made change with 15,051 supporters!

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