Ensure Fair Inquiry into JNU Attack, Identity of Attackers and Complicity of Delhi Police

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My home was attacked by masked hooligans who were armed with sticks, rods, hammers and bottles on the night of January 5th.

JNU is my home and my alma mater. Students, teachers and security guards were terrorised by these thugs. As the news spread, the first videos of the masked men and their bloodied victims inside hostels began appearing on social media. Many of us outside began calling police and journalists after we received non-stop calls and messages from students trapped inside. They were crying for help, begging us to call the police.

My blood ran cold. Where was the police? Eyewitnesses say 250 police personnel were standing outside the campus main gates for almost 3 hours, while the goons continued to cause havoc inside. Was the attacking mob being given a free hand? By whom?

This signals a complete breakdown of law and order. If, as citizens, we cannot turn to the police to protect us and uphold the law, where are we to go?

Let's not sit quietly. Let's demand answers now.

Sign my petition asking the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court to set up an independent judicial inquiry into the identity of the masked goons who attacked JNU and into the complicity of Delhi Police.

If those in uniform, whose duty is to protect us, standby and watch mutely, how are they any different from those who attack us and put our lives at risk.

Sign my petition asking the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court to set up an independent judicial inquiry and bring the guilty to book.. whoever they are.


Photo credit: Hindustan Times