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Standing For Jobs: Force Congress To Move On A Jobs Bill


Stand Up for 11 Million Unemployed Americans 40% who have been unemployed for over 27 weeks

Stand Up for the Millions more who are vastly underemployed & sinking into debt

Stand Up for the educated who are drowning in their student loans

Stand Up for those discriminated against in job hiring due to their age

Stand Up for Union Workers who are forced to give back what their sweat earned

Stand Up for Immigrant Workers whose toil has made this country great

Stand Up for Our Veterans who have returned to no jobs

Stand up for our Civil Servants who are being used as pawns in political games

Stand Up for our employed citizens who are over worked, over stressed & intimidated in to submission by illegal workplace practices

And if you find your self still sitting down, satisfied with what you have while others suffer, good, you're going to need to be seated because with all of US unemployed to whom do you think the tax burden is going to fall on?

Not the wealthy, but YOU

So either stand with us or sit for the 2%

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No Jobs. No Hope. No America



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