Stop 2 tiered NHS system N.Ireland patients.

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This petition is to put a stop to a 2 tiered rule for England, Scotland and Wales where you have access to 111 an essential frontline out of hours medical advice service.

You have access to any NHS consultant in field of your ailment and of your choice.

You have access to direct payments home care etc.

So why are those who reside in Northern Ireland penalised.

There is no 111 

There is no consultant of choice option referral wise.

If you have no one to care for you regardless of age you at the mercy of a nursing home.

Long waits for urgent test. I have a lady waiting a year for urgent urodynamic 

Go to A and E the waiting times extensive and unless considered in need of IV therapy, require emergency surgery or critically ill you are band aided back home no better than you went in.

Long waiting lists for a 1st consultant appt can be 20mths as there are only 2 specialising consultants in the required field in the North of Ireland.

You can't see an alternative consultant in England Scotland or Wales if there is ONE specialising consultant in the North.

This 2 tiered system is costing lives, detrimental to health and I understand a breech of human rights.


The oath taken by Drs and why I am taking this action.

Thank you for supporting our northern cousins.

Please sign and share regardless of country of residence.

Thank you.