STAND with your local community and OPPOSE the continuous Raised Medians on 2920

STAND with your local community and OPPOSE the continuous Raised Medians on 2920

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Why this petition matters

Started by Danielle Arcemont

TxDOT subtly proposed a project to install continuous raised medians on FM 2920 West of SH 99 to West of I-45. The affected community was largely unaware of the short window of opportunity to comment on this proposed project and therefore, unable to voice concern until it was underway. 

The raised medians purposely eliminate many left turn opportunities into establishments and have already increased safety hazards, amplified congestion on the road and negatively impacted business activity.

  • Drivers are forced to make unsafe U-turns (or hop medians) to reach their destination which disrupts the flow of traffic and enhances the probability of accidents.
  • Already inefficient traffic signal operations (such as the light on 2920 and Kuykendahl) are now suffering increased spill over traffic from the turning lanes into the highway.
  • Large trucks are unable to make certain turns or other maneuvers now required to access certain establishments which impacts freight and deliveries.
  • Drivers are forced to travel alternative routes such as through residential streets increasing traffic in nearby neighborhoods.
  • There is inadequate visibility of narrow medians, especially during the hours at night, which could cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle.
  • There is more frustration on the road, more delays, more wasted fuel and more air pollution due to poor traffic patterns caused by the continuous raised medians.

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432 have signed. Let’s get to 500!