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Stand with the Obama Administration on Keystone XL


The State Department denied the permit to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline after congressional Republicans put it on an irresponsible and arbitrary timeline.

President Obama had made clear that a project of this magnitude—with high stakes for public health, the environment, and our country's energy supply—needed a thorough review. But Republicans in Congress demanded an up-or-down decision in just 60 days, cutting short a process that was already under way with an unreasonable deadline.

Our opponents have some powerful friends in the oil industry, and they're fighting back hard.

Stand with the Obama administration's effort to protect the environment, develop our natural resources responsibly, and create jobs.

The Obama administration did the right thing by refusing to green-light a project before experts could determine the consequences. After all, there was a lot at stake: the proposed 1,700-mile pipeline would have run over one of the Midwest's largest source of fresh drinking water.

But our opponents are fighting hard against this decision to put our safety and sound science first.

That’s why we need to make responsible use of our natural resource to create jobs and protect the environment.


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