Stand with @SenMikeLee: @POTUS must get Congressional authorization before striking Syria

Stand with @SenMikeLee: @POTUS must get Congressional authorization before striking Syria

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Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee – lead Republican sponsor of the Sanders-Lee-Murphy bill to end unconstitutional U.S. participation in the catastrophic Saudi war in Yemen – is saying that there must be a vote in Congress before President Trump takes any military action in Syria in response to a recent chemical attack, alleged to be carried out by the Syrian government.
The Hill reports:
Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is urging President Trump to get congressional authorization before he uses military force to respond to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria.
“The use of chemical weapons absolutely requires a response from the United States,” Lee said in a statement. "But if that response is going to include military force, the president of the United States should come to Congress and ask for authorization before military force is used."
Senator Lee is right. Under the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, Congress, not the President, decides when the U.S. will use military force.
The Hill notes that Trump said he would decide on the U.S. response “over the next 24 to 48 hours," even though the U.S. doesn’t yet know for sure who did the attack, even though the organization that monitors the chemical weapons convention is still investigating the attack.
In August 2013, unconstitutional U.S. military escalation in Syria was stopped when two hundred Democratic and Republican Members of the House wrote to President Obama, insisting that he seek Congressional authorization before striking Syria.
Urge your Representative and Senators to stand with Mike Lee in defense of the Constitution and against unauthorized war by signing our petition.

9,186 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!