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Stand with President Obama: Protect the middle class from tax increases


While President Obama fights to protect lower taxes for working families, Republicans in Congress are doing their best to raise them. The payroll tax cut, which President Obama championed, will expire in December 2011. And even though Republicans have sworn not to increase taxes, they're happy to let the clock run out on a tax cut that helps the middle class rather than the wealthy few.

Believe that President Obama and the Democrats are right that working families should keep their payroll tax cut and other protections? Take the pledge today to say you'll stand with them for 2012.

President Obama is doing the job we elected him to do, so he needs us to organize this grassroots campaign.

I stand with the President on extending the payroll tax cut for the middle class and protecting working families.

I'll get involved to help build the 2012 campaign in my community and get everyone I know who cares about working families to join me.


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