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Stand with President Obama for commonsense immigration policies


Thanks to new guidance from the Obama administration, immigration courts have stopped focusing on deportations for "low priority cases" - like people brought here as children or cases involving veterans and military spouses - and are instead putting new attention toward illegal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes or who pose a security risk. This is a smart, strategic change that will keep our courts focused on cases that will make our country safer.

But there's a lot more we can do to improve our broken immigration system. President Obama needs people like you to get involved in the 2012 campaign and help work for common-sense immigration reforms.

Sign the pledge today to say you're in. When you add your name, we'll keep you posted on ways you can help build the campaign in your community.

I stand with President Obama to keep our immigration courts focused on cases that will make our country safer, and I'll get involved in the 2012 campaign to make sure we can keep working for common-sense immigration reforms.

I'll help build this grassroots campaign in my community and reach out to my friends, family, and neighbors to ask them to organize with me.


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