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Stand with President Clinton and Support a Green Economy

How does reversing deforestation affect a farmer’s income? How do energy efficient windows protect the planet? The economy and the environment have never been more intertwined.

The Clinton Foundation is working to combat climate change in ways that are both good for the environment and the economy.

Through the Clinton Foundation, communities in Malawi and Rwanda are helping reverse deforestation by planting more than 4.5 million trees. Those trees came from independently owned community nurseries and many were fruit trees or hardwood trees that also provide income to the farmers.

In Arkansas, the Clinton Foundation is helping local businesses and hundreds of homeowners receive zero-interest loans to conduct energy audits and undergo renovations to save lots of green - reducing utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

In cities and forests around the world, the Clinton Foundation programs are proving that we can confront the debilitating effects of climate changes in a way that makes sense for governments, businesses, and economies.

Support the Clinton Foundation's work to improve the environment and local economies around the world.

I support the work of the Clinton Foundation and it's focus on green jobs through the Climate Development Initiative and Home Energy Affordability Loan. I know how important it is that we reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and the Clinton Foundation programs go a step further by bolstering local economies, too.

Deforestation is a devastating problem across the world, contributing to soil erosion, watershed depletion, and climate change. Seedlings from independently run community nurseries are planted by trained farmers to protect water resources. These trees also increase the number of carbon credits to be sold on the international marketplace, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Benefits to the environment and local economies go hand in hand.

By removing financial barriers to improving workplace and home energy efficiency, Home Energy Affordability Loans (HEAL) are improving utility costs and reducing energy consumption, simultaneously saving hard working employees money and cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

The Clinton Foundation sees global and interconnected solutions to the world's biggest problems. I stand with them and support their work to improve the environment and the economy.

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