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For supermarkets to remove the Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday from their shelves

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The last few weeks have seen the Daily Mail group sink to new depths in their quest to sell papers and gain advertising revenue. They have embarked on a relentless campaign attacking one of the most vulnerable sectors of our society; transgender children and their families, and the charity Mermaids which exists to support them.

The Daily Mail group have systematically sought to undermine and discredit the amazing work that Mermaids does by branding them 'bullies', while simultaneously making personal attacks on Susie Green, Its CEO. They have also sought to vilify mothers for supporting their transgender children while petitioning to eradicate any sort of representation of trans children within the media, under the guise that a CBBC online show featuring the story of a trans child is 'dangerous'. Much of this reporting has been based on the hearsay, social media gossip, and personal vendettas of individual people who are either transphobic, uneducated on trans issues, or with their own personal agenda.

As a community, the Transgender, LGBT and society of decent minded people will no longer tolerate this sort of vitriol and hatred towards a small group of individuals who are being persecuted for their very existence, when all they want to do is live their lives in peace and happiness. We stand with Mermaids!

We therefore demand that Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Co op and Waitrose remove The Daily Mail & The Mail on Sunday from their shelves.

This is not to curtail free speech, but in the same way that as a society we do not accept racism, we will not tolerate hateful journalism which strives to flout equality legislation and guidelines. We wish to protect the vulnerable, the young generation, and the general public, from the negative influence of the Daily Mail Groups insidious and hate peddling reporting, by removing their papers from the public domain. For those who wish, The Mail can continue to be viewed online for free, but our public spaces must be free from hate.

Please sign the petition & share on social media’ requesting directly to all the supermarket retailers named above that they publicly demonstrate their support for protecting the vulnerable, the young, and the morally decent, by removing these vile hate-filled rags from our public spaces.

 Please also demonstrate your unhappiness to any business advertising within The Mail Group publications by publicly naming them on social media and requesting they remove their advertising from such hate-pedalling propaganda.

#TransformNews #StandWithMermaids

Finally, if you are able, please support the amazing Mermaids charity by donating on their fund-raising page, so they can continue their brilliant work supporting and protecting trans children and their families by donating on the Mermaids MyDonate Page

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