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Stand with Kansas Women Fighting to Save Remaining Clinics


Abortion is legal in the United States, but you wouldn’t know it if you lived in Wichita, Kansas.

Dr. George Tiller’s murder abruptly ended reproductive health services in Wichita. It was a devastating blow to women across the country who depended on him for life-saving health services.

Since his death, just three facilities remain open to provide legal abortions for the entire state of Kansas, all in northeast Kansas. There used to be 27 providers scattered across the state.

I never thought I’d see the day when the number would dwindle like it has. The anti-choice, re-criminalization sect set out 20 years ago to demonize providers with the so-called “Summer of Mercy”. If it can happen here in Kansas; it can happen anywhere.

At Trust Women we believe that no woman in America is free until all women are free, without burden, to make their own choices about each and every pregnancy.

This is why we are working on putting the pieces together for the return of a women’s medical facility in Wichita. We must stand our ground; especially in these tough times. Will you stand with us?

If we don’t make a stand, Kansas could soon become one of a handful of states without a single clinic to provide legal abortions for women who need and want them. We must work to re-establish health care for the thousands of women who are now underserved.

This attack on pregnant women’s freedom must stop. The women of Kansas need to know that as a nation, we stand squarely behind them in their fight, and trust them to control their own reproductive lives.

Letter to
Kansas elected officials
I trust the women of Kansas and support their right to control their own reproductive lives.

I believe in the vision that in America every woman can, without burden, control their reproductive lives, have healthy pregnancies, and deliver safely. This is how we accomplish that vision in Kansas, and across the United States:

>> Open clinics that provide abortion and maternal health care; full spectrum reproductive health care.

>> Build community investment in those clinics.

>> Create model state public policies to expand abortion care and improve maternal health.

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