Stand with Jimmy John's Workers: Keep Employees and Customers Safe

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We, the undersigned workers of Jimmy Johns are concerned about the COVID-19 Health Crisis, and are worried about how our current work situation is putting us and others directly in harm’s way.

We do not feel it is safe to be allowing customers to continue coming into the lobby when the CDC and medical community agree that we have not yet even reached the peak of this crisis. Even with the few precautions that management has taken to make things safer, the reality is that our store is a small enclosed space, COVID-19 is highly contagious, and cases in Utah are continuing to rise by the hundreds each day. Also, our state does not have regularly accessible testing so the actual number of confirmed cases and deaths are likely far higher than what they are now. We understand that sales are down, but we believe that management must put the lives of its customers and staff over its own profit. If one of us gets sick and is unable to take paid time off or the lobby is opened then they have significantly greater risk of spreading the virus to the rest of the staff and to customers. 

We cannot in good conscience put ourselves, our families, and our customers at even greater risk by keeping the lobby open and increasing the amount of direct contact that could likely spread the contagion further. Also, because there is only one door into the store, opening the lobby is especially dangerous for delivery drivers who must be moving through the lobby to pick up orders.

 Consequently, we respectfully and formally request that Jimmy John's make immediate improvements to our paid time off and workplace health and safety policies. Specifically, that the lobby not be opened until:

1. A 14-day consecutive decline in newly confirmed cases in Utah and there is consistent statewide day-to-day testing.

2. Up to a month of employer paid sick leave if we show symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

3. Plexiglass barriers that are tall enough to actually block any particulates that may pass at face level, and markings on the floor that are actually six feet apart. 

We engage in this collective, concerted activity under the protection of Federal Law, and we urge our local communities to engage in this effort to keep our families, communities, and essential workers safe.