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Stand with Boston's Rising Class


Everyone deserves the chance to succeed.

But too many members of Boston’s communities lack even the basic steps to success: a decent education, a shot at a good job and quality social connections.

That’s why Boston Rising launched to share videos and stories of individual success in Boston’s communities and help foster the networks that are vital to rising. These stories show that all people are living their own rising story every day and provides a platform for building the social networks that are necessary for each individual’s success.

But we need your help to make a success.

Sign the petition now if you stand with Boston Rising and believe we can all rise together, as a community and as a city.

By signing our petition you’ll help us highlight the strength of so many individuals who have worked hard to achieve their version of success, and help us connect individuals to the professional and networking tools they need to succeed.

Do you believe everyone in Boston deserves a chance at success? Sign the petition now and take a moment to visit to watch the videos or add your own story of rising.

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