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Stand with Alan Grayson and Fight for American Jobs

America has millions of people who can't find work. They are bankrupt or close to it. They can't see a doctor when they are sick. They are in danger of losing their homes and apartments and living in their cars… until they lose their cars.

And, at the same time, America has millions of children who need day care and Head Start education and aren't getting it. America has millions of people who need basic healthcare and aren't getting it. America's seniors need more help at home and aren't getting it. America's communities need housing rehabilitation, weatherization and road repair and aren't getting it. America's national parks need conservation and restoration and aren't getting it. 

Alan Grayson's got an idea: here are two problems that solve each other. Let's put America back to work by meeting our own basic needs. Better schools. Better health. Better homes. Better parks. Better retirement. And by doing all those things, more jobs. 


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