Stand with 40 U.Washington Students Who Were Arrested

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Stand with 40 U.Washington Students Who Were Arrested

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Tell the UW's President Phyllis Wise to listen to students and cut their contract with Sodexo.

On Wednesday May 11th 50 University of Washington students sat-in President Phyllis Wise’s office to demand we cut our current $3.4 million contract with Sodexo Intl, a documented human rights abuser. These 50 students, and many more that were outside, represented the 19 different student organizations that composed the Kick Out Sodexo Coalition. We collaborated on a rigorous 7 month campaign to make UW’s administration aware of these injustices, to educate UW students about the issue, and to demand that we stop doing business with Sodexo.

On Thursday May 19th, 22 students from the coalition staged another sit-in, this time at the University Athletics Department. The second sit-in was accompanied by a rally of over 80 students, and resulted in more student arrests after administration were unwilling to terminate the university's contract with Sodexo.

After 7 months we had been ignored, lied to, and avoided. It was about time that our voices were heard (after all, we’re paying the tuition!).

The UW administration chose to arrest 40 of its students before engaging in any actual conversation.

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