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Stand Up to Polluters, For the Porpoises


Porpoises fled the toxic waters of San Francisco Bay over half a century ago. A whole generation of Bay Area residents have grown up since, never knowing that porpoises once lived, played, and thrived right in their backyard.

Now, after a sixty year absence, they're coming back! Their return is a sign that things are getting better and that we're on our way to a cleaner and healthier Bay.

These porpoises bring the Bay to life—they are playful and incredibly smartand they deserve a home right here in the Bay. The only way to keep the porpoises here is to keep pollution out—and that means getting the San Francisco Regional Water Board to stand up to the worst polluters.

Help us reach our goal of 15,000 locals standing up for the porpoises by June 30th, 2013. Add your name right now!

Letter to
San Francisco Regional Water Board
I'm For The Bay. I'm For The Porpoises.

I'm for the hundreds of harbor porpoises who have returned to the San Francisco Bay—and many more that will return to the Bay once it is truly clean and safe.

I'm asking the San Francisco Regional Water Board to stand up to polluters. Porpoises are returning because of better water quality in the Bay, but chronic polluters like C&H Sugar and Tesoro Refining, sewage treatment plants, and unchecked urban runoff from our city streets continue to pollute the Bay and put the porpoises here at risk. We need strong enforcement of the Clean Water Act.

The porpoises that have been spotted in the Bay are an incredible sign. They show that we can restore a healthy and vibrant Bay for generations to come—and I’m committed to making that happen. I call on the San Francisco Regional Water Board to stand up to the worst polluters, for the porpoises, and for everyone that calls the Bay home.

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