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Petitioning EPA Administrator McCarthy

Stand Up to Big Polluters and Support the EPA's Action on Climate Change

The Obama administration has proposed a critical plan to limit the industrial carbon pollution from new power plants that contributes to global warming. But if the Koch brothers, the coal industry and congressional climate change deniers have their way, polluters will continue to have free rein to dump unlimited amounts of harmful global warming pollution into the air.

By submitting a public comment to the EPA today, your voice will be part of the official record. Don’t miss the chance to help make a historic impact on the fight for our planet’s future -- fill out your information here to submit your public comment in support of this critical climate change action now.

Letter to
EPA Administrator McCarthy
I strongly support the EPA's effort to limit industrial carbon pollution from power plants.

These new clean air standards will protect public health, fight climate change and create jobs innovating in industries crucial to our competitiveness globally. Don't let polluters and their congressional allies block, weaken, or delay the implementation of this critical climate change action.

It's our obligation to protect our children and future generations from the effects of climate change -- and that means moving forward with these clean air protections now.

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