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Stand Up to Big Oil


The big oil companies have a three-part strategy: gouge Americans at the pumps to make as much money as possible right now; hire lobbyists and donate millions to politicians to secure giveaways of taxpayer dollars to inflate profits even more; and stifle clean energy innovation to perpetuate our addiction to oil and keep it all going as long as possible.

For them, this election is a simple business calculation -- Mitt Romney has their back and will maintain the status quo. 

These companies have a lot at stake and are willing to spend big and even lie in order to maintain their privileged position. That's what their new ad campaign is about.

While the President pursues an all-of-the-above energy strategy and tries to put an end to taxpayer giveaways to oil companies, they're using their record-breaking profits to attack him with negative ads.

I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing oil companies and I’m standing up to say so. I’m adding my name to show that I’ve got President Obama’s back.

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