Stand up Paddle Board Rate on Lake Hodges should be Equal to that of Kayaks & Canoes

Stand up Paddle Board Rate on Lake Hodges should be Equal to that of Kayaks & Canoes

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Mara Laws started this petition to San Diego City Council and

Petition for San Diego City Council to Review & Vote to LOWER the Day-use fee of Stand-up Paddle Boards to equal that of Kayaks @ Lake Hodges

We the undersigned respectfully request that the members of San Diego City Council review the current day-fee rates of Stand-up Paddle Boards in relation to the existing rates of Kayaks on Lake Hodges.

We request that they Vote to Adjust & Lower the SUP rate to that of the Kayaks.

·       The current rate for day-use of a single-person Kayak on the lake is $2.00

·       The current rate for day-use of a single-person Stand-up Paddle Board is $7.00

·       The current rate for a trailer-launched-fossil fueled-multi-passenger Motorized Boat is $7.00

       We as a community are fortunate to have access to Lake Hodges' many recreational treasures which include Walking, Horseback riding & Biking along its shores as well as Fishing, Boating, Canoeing, Sailing, Kayaking, Wind-surfing & most recently added Stand-up Paddle Boarding upon the waters of the lake itself.

      We Stand-up Paddle Board enthusiasts are grateful for the new access to the lake and are certain this method of enjoying the lake will be appreciated by visitors of all ages for future times to come.

    In reality paddling/rowing of any craft should be activities that are encouraged and promoted for the inherent health & fitness benefits. Walking, Running, Biking around the lake are free. Single-Person Kayaking is a fair $2.00...

     However, for reasons we do not understand, the Day-use pricing for a simple, single-person, paddle-propelled “SUP” has been set at the same rate as a Motorized-Fossil Fueled-Vehicle Trailered-Concrete Boat-Launched-Multiple-Person vessel---In view of that disparity $7.00/day seems excessive and counterproductive to encouraging the benign, healthful & gentle sport of Stand-up Paddling on the lake.

      It is easy to see that SUPs have everything in common with Kayaks-excepting the most common position of the paddler.

     SUPs have nothing in common, (aside from floating), with a fossil fueled, Motorized Vessel.

     SUPs offer literally no ecological risk or need for a paid lake employee to review a fish-hold, a trailer nor an ongoing dependency upon the use of the concrete launch ramp.

     SUPs are a quiet, no impact, slow, single paddle propelled, low profile, low draft water craft. A paddler can propel the board in a Standing, Kneeling or Sitting position.

     A Stand-up-Paddle Board is akin to a Sit-on-top-Kayak excepting the general length & shape of the paddles used.

     In fact, SUP/KAYAK "Hybrids" are made which include a backrest so a paddler can change positions from standing to sitting at will. And it is not unusual to see a Kayaker standing upright on their vessel or a SUPer sitting down upon theirs.

       So, the “Position” of the paddler is not a differentiating factor between these 2 vessels. A Kayak & a Stand-up-Paddle Board are technically & actually more Similar than they are Different.

      In view of these outlined similarities & the lack of any potential negative impacts to the lake’s sensitive ecological systems; coupled with no need to take the time of a paid employee to review any trailer & fish hold, it seems logical that the City Council would vote to reclassify the day fee rate of Stand-up Paddle Boards to be on par with its most similar counter-part; that of the Single-person Kayak which is set @ $2.00/day.

     We trust the City Council will see the obvious rationality of this request and act now to reduce the Stand up Paddle Boards' rate to $2.00/day on Lake Hodges.

      This decision and act will be in the best interest of fairness to its Stand-up Paddle Boarding constituents & moreover show the Council’s ongoing flexibility, dedication & commitment to actions of good-will for the general public of San Diego.

We thank you for your time & thoughtful consideration.

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