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Stand up for YOUR rights at University: Remove the SSAF.

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Did you know that YOU pay MILLIONS of dollars to self-serving, unrepresentative and divisive University Associations/Unions?! This is done through the Student Services and Amenities Fund (SSAF) that you pay for at the start of each year.

Whilst universities should be a place where we can freely debate ideas and seek insight from a diverse cross-section of society, we have a student organisation that are only keen on further their own political ambitions/agenda and cutting YOU out of the picture!?

YOU have a right to stand up and see YOUR hard earned dollars spent on enriching university experiences, not blockades, expensive gas-guzzling busses to poorly attended protests and other useless luxuries that YOU will not get access to.

This is a crazy issue- sure, the campus parties may be great, and some of the work valuable, but it is remarkable that YOUR elected reps are actively working against YOUR interests.

It's time we get serious on a better way to fund our university experience. Surely there is a more accountable, cost-effective and appropriate way to ensure YOUR dollars are spent on YOUR experience on campus. We want YOU to be a part in this solution.

YOU can change this; sign the petition to cut-the-SSAF and stop the flow of money to inadequate groups like YOUR student association. Stand up for YOUR money, YOUR experiences and YOUR RIGHTS AT UNIVERSITY!

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