Demand Ann Ravel & McManis Faulker Reveal the Dark Money Funding Behind Their Lawsuit

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On October 24, Mercury News reporter Emily DeRuy wrote that a lawsuit was filed against Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor.  It alleges that Gillmor filled out her economic interests forms incorrectly -- which turns out to be a false allegation - according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney.

Was a gullible reporter duped? The real story is that “dark money” (undisclosed donors) may be using the judicial system to influence a local political campaign. The irony is Ann Ravel -- a vocal opponent of political dark money -- is the McManis Faulkner lawyer using judicial dark money.

Ravel should be honest and disclose who is funding a frivolous lawsuit, especially because it may be an NFL team -- the San Francisco 49ers -- trying to secretly influence local politics in the city where their stadium and headquarters are located.

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