Stand up for Kingston Masjid

Stand up for Kingston Masjid

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Why this petition matters

Started by Talal Tahir

Despite repeated attempts to gain answers for serious shortfalls the trustees have refused to provide any accountability. Instead the trustees have used a rogue approach to abuse their power by threating and banning individuals who are critical of their actions. 

The Masjid and its belongings are sacred and CANNOT be allowed to be abused. 

We are asking the community to take action and join us in helping to preserve the reputation of our masjid.

The current actions of the trustees of the KMA are contrary to the policies and procedures as set out within the constitution of the KMA.

The trustees MUST give full accountability for the following:

Election fraud 2017
Membership fraud and process not followed
Money Laundering (Allegation) 
Employee abuse/Minister of religion abuse
Intent to deceit members and musalees with incorrect information about the masjid with regards to CIO
Operations managers misconduct and abuse of power 
CCTV being monitored remotely by operations manager
Shortcomings in the MC members with not following procedures and minuting meetings
Shortcomings in the misadministration's of the BoT in responding to complaints 

41 have signed. Let’s get to 50!