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Stand Up for Common-Sense Budget Solutions in California


California should be known for great schools, well-managed natural resources, and a vibrant, growing economy that creates good jobs. Instead, we're starting to be known for a failing fiscal system, dysfunctional public sector programs, and political gridlock.

Diverse solutions to the budget crisis have been proposed, but many fall short or rely on cutting necessary programs that Californians depend on for survival. 

After two years and thousands of conversations with Californians, California Forward developed a set of common sense principles to get our budget back on track and our government closer to the people. In the short term, that means agreeing on an honestly balanced and performance-based budget; enacting budget reforms such as a Pay-Go rules and multi-year planning; and using good times to pay off debt and saving for the inevitable bad times.

It's time to commit to a budget process that ensures lawmakers don't spend money the state doesn't have and that Californians get the best possible value for our tax dollars. 

Take action today to urge our lawmakers to write and pass a balanced budget that reduces waste and delivers better results for all Californians.

Letter to
California State House
California State Senate
California Governor
As a California resident, I'm writing to urge you to support the common sense budget principles proposed by California Forward:

-Agree on an honestly balanced and performance-based budget.

-Pass budget reforms, such as a Pay-Go rule and multi-year planning, that are critical to improving results and restoring public trust and confidence.

-Manage volatile revenue and increase reserves, using good times to pay off debt and saving for the inevitable bad times.

These are non-partisan, common sense reforms that apply best practices from successful businesses, local governments, and other states and would improve the way the state manages our money and plans for the future.

These measures are supported by a diverse coalition of more than 200 business, labor, faith, and community leaders from all over the state.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your attention and action on this critical measures.