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Stand Up for Children in the Philippines!


The destruction in Tacloban in the Philippines is almost total - it now lies in ruins, crushed by tsunami-like waves of water as high as 13 feet.

Thousands have been reported dead. Across the country, 5 million children are at risk. Many young lives are at stake.

For children who have survived, clean water is a matter of life and death. Safe drinking water can be impossible to find after such a massive natural disaster. And without it, a child will drink whatever water she can find, no matter how dirty or diseased. That drink can quickly lead to diarrhea, disease and death.

The need is overwhelming. Support UNICEF now to ship more clean water, nutritious food, vaccines, sanitation supplies and medicine to the most desperate children.

I support UNICEF's lifesaving efforts to get sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation to the poorest communities around the globe.

UNICEF is rushing staff, relief and resources to the Philippines. UNICEF's first priorities are to make sure every child has access to clean drinking water, essential medicines and emergency nutritional supplements.

But these are not the only children who need our help. Even as UNICEF mobilizes a massive relief operation in the Philippines, children in Syria, in Mali and across the world need our help.

Every moment matters for these children and I pledge my support to UNICEF and those in need.

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