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Stand Up Against the Ban of Emergency Contraception in Honduras


The Honduras Supreme Court recently bowed to extreme pressure from opponents of women’s health and upheld the country’s absolute ban on emergency contraception. Those in favor of the ban have tried to equate emergency contraception with abortion, which is illegal in Honduras and punishable by law.

The ban outlaws the sale, distribution, and use of the “morning-after pill” and thus treats women and their doctors as criminals for using a safe and effective method of contraception.

Emergency contraception is not abortion, it is a contraceptive method proven to help women avoid unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion.

Let opponents of women’s health know that you are appalled by a ban that denies women access to life-saving health care -- sign the petition today.

Emergency contraception is just that: contraception. And this method of contraception has been proven to help women avoid unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

By criminalizing the sale, distribution, or use of this drug, women's lives may be at risk.

I am appalled by any ban that denies women access to life-saving health care.

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