Stand up Against Police Brutality #StopTheBullet #JusticeforEvansNjoroge

Stand up Against Police Brutality #StopTheBullet #JusticeforEvansNjoroge

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On 27th February 2018, Evans Njoroge, a student leader at Meru University was brutally shot dead by a police man. Evans was unarmed and was rightfully leading a peaceful demonstration against the university administration for increasing fees arbitrarily and the poor management of the institution. A young, energetic, ambitious and brilliant mind lost at the mercy of police brutality.

In 2017, 252 lives were lost to unlawful police killings. The victims of most of these unlawful killings are young Kenyans and something needs to be done. 

Your Excellency, it is time for you to institute a Judicial Inquiry on Extra-Judicial Executions to ascertain the state of unlawful killings and recommend new strategies for crime and public order management. Restoring public credibility in our security services and action on extra-judicial executions will build a vital new bridge towards a new Kenyan nation anchored in public safety and national cohesion.


Student Leaders, Young Kenyans.